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Who is Star Girl

Who is Star Girl?
Amazing Star Girl is an art teacher in Las Vegas, NV that started face painting and body art in 2008. She has painted across the country at many events, fundraisers, and for many professional sports teams. She loves to see the joy on the clients’ faces she paints when they look in the mirror.


Henna Tattoos
Henna is an art form that is found throughout history in many cultures. It is a natural plant-based paste that is applied to the skin, usually the hands and feet for special events. This paste is allowed to dry and falls off leaving a beautiful dark amber/orange stain on the skin. This stain will last between one to two weeks. The intensity of the color varies depending on skin-type, location, and quality of henna.

Face Painting Gallery

Face Painting Gallery
Brownies, Boy Scouts, school organizations and church groups use face painting to enhance their events and celebrations. Amazing Star Girl loves private parties! Family reunions or birthday parties with family and friends, it is always fun with face painting! All ages love face painting. Face painting is a BIG part of Sporting events, Show that team spirit in a big way….